Banshees are the furious, tormented souls of elves bound to the Material Plane by a betrayal that defined the final hours of their lives. Some banshees arise from elves who were slain by trusted friends and allies, or whose loved ones betrayed them on their deathbeds. Others spawn from elves whose treacherous deeds shortly before their deaths left a stain upon their souls. Regardless of their origin, banshees despise the living. This hatred of life is all too often a horrific inversion of their personalities in life. Some speculate that the more kind-hearted the elf (and the more wrenching the betrayal), the crueler the banshee.

Banshees rarely stray far from where they perished and typically haunt thick forests and canopied swamps where little light graces the ground. Many banshees can be found in the elven nation of Kyonin, specifically in Tanglebriar, the sinister domain of the demon Treerazer. Similarly, a large number of banshees can be found lurking about the edges of drow settlements in the Darklands, as plenty of cruelty and betrayal exists in drow culture.

Banshees’ mere touch inflicts pain and primal fear, and those exposed to their wails of grief rarely survive the experience.