Dero Magister Creature 5

Uncommon CE Small Dero Humanoid

Senses Perception +8; darkvision

Languages Aklo, Undercommon

Skills Crafting +12, Medicine +8, Occultism +12, Stealth +11

Str +1, Dex +4, Con +2, Int +3, Wis -1, Cha +5

Items aklys (see below)

AC 22, Fort +10, Ref +13, Will +10

HP 65; Immunities confusion; Weaknesses vulnerable to sunlight (As dero stalker but 10 damage.)

Speed 20 feet

Melee aklys +10 (trip), Damage 1d6+3 bludgeoning

Ranged aklys +13 (ranged trip, tethered, thrown 20 feet), Damage 1d6+3 bludgeoning

Occult Innate Spells DC 24; 4th modify memory; 2nd darkness (at will), sound burst; Cantrips (1st) daze, ghost sound

Occult Spontaneous Spells DC 24; 3rd (3 slots) blindness, vampiric touch; 2nd (4 slots) hideous laughter, paranoia, spectral hand, touch of idiocy; 1st (4 slots) grim tendrils, magic missile, phantom pain, soothe; Cantrips (3rd) chill touch, dancing lights, detect magic, forbidding ward, message

Cytillesh Stare (concentrate, incapacitation, mental, visual) Frequency once per round; Effect The magister focuses their gaze on a creature they can see within 30 feet. The target is dazzled for 1 round and must succeed at a DC 24 Will saving throw or be confused for 1 round.


Dero magisters are leaders among dero society. They perform the bulk of the cruel operations and memory-altering procedures inflicted upon their victims.


The aklys is a throwing club with a hook on one end and a lengthy cord attached to the other. It is an uncommon advanced melee weapon in the club group. It deals 1d6 bludgeoning damage and has 1 Bulk. It requires one hand to use and has the ranged trip, tethered, thrown 20 feet, and trip weapon traits; the new traits are described below. Though aklyses aren't available in most shops, one might be purchased for 5 gp from a vendor that specializes in strange weapons.

Ranged Trip: This weapon can be used to Trip with the Athletics skill at a distance up to the weapon's first range increment. The skill check takes a -2 circumstance penalty. You can add the weapon's item bonus to attack rolls as a bonus to the check. As with using a melee weapon to trip, a ranged trip doesn't deal any damage when used to Trip. This trait usually only appears on a thrown weapon.

Tethered: This weapon is attached to a length of rope or chain that allows you to retrieve it after it has left your hand. If you have a free hand while wielding this weapon, you can use an Interact action to pull the weapon back into your grasp after you have thrown it as a ranged attack or after it has been disarmed (unless it is being held by another creature).