Dero Stalker Creature 2

CE Small Dero Humanoid

Senses Perception +5; darkvision

Languages Aklo, Undercommon

Skills Acrobatics +8, Medicine +3, Stealth +8, Thievery +8

Str +2, Dex +4, Con +3, Int +0, Wis -1, Cha +1

Items aklys , giant centipede venom (4 doses), hand crossbow (20 bolts)

AC 19; Fort +7, Ref +10, Will +3

HP 30; Weaknesses vulnerable to sunlight

Vulnerable to Sunlight A dero stalker takes 4 damage for every hour they're exposed to sunlight.

Nimble Dodge Requirements The dero stalker is not encumbered. Trigger A creature targets the dero with an attack and the dero can see the attacker. Effect The dero dodges out of the way, gaining a +2 circumstance bonus to AC against the triggering attack.

Speed 20 feet

Melee aklys +8 (trip), Damage 1d6+2 bludgeoning

Ranged aklys +10 (ranged trip, tethered, thrown 20 feet; page 85), Damage 1d6+2 bludgeoning

Ranged hand crossbow +10 (range increment 60 feet, reload 1), Damage 1d6 piercing plus giant centipede venom

Occult Innate Spells DC 17; Cantrips (1st) daze, ghost sound

Sneak Attack A dero stalker deals 1d6 extra precision damage to flat-footed creatures.


Dero stalkers are those charged with exploring the surface world by night and seeking out new victims to abduct.