Good manacles (level 9)

Name Price Bulk Hands
Good manacles (level 9) 250 gp 2

Price: 250 gp

You can manacle someone who is willing or otherwise at your mercy as an exploration activity taking 10–30 seconds depending on the creature’s size and how many manacles you apply. A two-legged creature with its legs bound takes a –15-foot circumstance penalty to its Speeds, and a two-handed creature with its wrists bound has to succeed at a DC 5 flat check any time it uses a manipulate action or else that action fails. This DC may be higher depending on how tightly the manacles constrain the hands. A creature bound to a stationary object is immobilized. For creatures with more or fewer limbs, the GM determines what effect manacles have, if any. Freeing a creature from poor manacles requires two successful DC 17 Thievery checks, simple manacles requires three successes at DC 22, average manacles require four successes at DC 27, good manacles require five successes at DC 32, and superior manacles require six successes at DC 42.