Table 8–2: Domains
Domain Description Domain Spell Advanced Domain Spell
Ambition You strive to keep up with and outpace the competition. Blind ambition Competitive edge
Air You can control winds and the weather. Pushing gust Disperse into air
Cities You have powers over urban environments and denizens. Face in the crowd Pulse of the city
Confidence You overcome your fear and project pride. Veil of confidence Delusional pride
Creation You have divine abilities related to crafting and art. Splash of art Artistic flourish
Darkness You operate in the darkness and take away the Light. Cloak of shadow Darkened eyes
Death You have the power to end lives and destroy undead. Death’s call Eradicate undeath
Destruction You are a conduit for divine devastation. Cry of destruction Destructive aura
Dreams You have the power to enter and manipulate dreams. Sweet dream Dreamer’s call
Earth You control soil and stone. Hurtling stone Localized quake
Family You aid and protect your family and community Soothing words Unity more effectively.
Fate You see and understand hidden inevitabilities. Read fate Tempt fate
Fire You control flame. Fire ray Flame barrier
Freedom You liberate yourself and others from shackles Unimpeded stride Word of freedom and constraints.
Healing Your healing magic is particularly potent. Healer’s blessing Rebuke death
Indulgence You feast mightily and can shake off the effects Overstuff Take its course of overindulging.
Knowledge You receive divine insights. Scholarly recollection Know the enemy
Luck You’re unnaturally lucky and keep out of harm’s way. Bit of luck Lucky break
Magic You perform the unexpected and inexplicable. Magic’s vessel Mystic beacon
Might Your physical power is bolstered by divine strength. Athletic rush Enduring might
Moon You command powers associated with the moon. Moonbeam Touch of the moon
Nature You hold power over animals and plants. Vibrant thorns Nature’s bounty
Nightmares You fill minds with horror and dread. Waking nightmare Shared nightmare
Pain You punish those who displease you with the sharp Savor the sting Retributive pain sting of pain.
Passion You evoke passion, whether as love or lust. Charming touch Captivating adoration
Perfection You strive to perfect your mind, body, and spirit. Perfected mind Perfected form
Protection You ward yourself and others. Protector’s sacrifice Protector’s sphere
Secrecy You protect secrets and keep them hidden. Forced quiet Safeguard secret
Sun You harness the power of the sun and other Light sources, and punish undead. Dazzling flash Positive luminance
Travel You have power over movement and journeys. Agile feet Traveler’s transit
Trickery You deceive others and cause mischief. Sudden shift Trickster’s twin
Truth You pierce lies and discover the truth. Word of truth Glimpse the truth
Tyranny You wield power to rule and enslave others. Touch of obedience Commanding lash
Undeath Your magic carries close ties to the undead. Touch of undeath Malignant sustenance
Water You control water and bodies of water. Tidal surge Downpour
Wealth You hold power over wealth, trade, and treasure. Appearance of wealth Precious metals
Zeal Your inner fire increases your combat prowess. Weapon surge Zeal for battle